Feeling a little bewildered on where to begin planning your new storage system? The problems and challenges that each company faces are unique and so are their storage needs so why not book a site visit from an experienced member of our team.

We will visit your site at a convenient time and offer advice on the most effective solution to meet your specific needs. We carry out site surveys nationwide on a daily basis and can supply full CAD drawings of your proposed system along with your quotation.

Email us or call us today on
0845 017 8171 to take the first step towards your new storage solution.

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Longspan Racking

Longspan racking and longspan shelving is very similar in construction to pallet racking but designed for lighter duty storage. It is ideal for boxed storage in stock rooms, order picking environments even garages and utility rooms.

Installation of longspan racking is quick and easy, requiring no bolts and no specialist tools. However if time is at a premium we will be more than happy to deliver the shelving to your door and have it installed by our SEMA qualified installation team.

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